Pve gameplay

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Pve gameplay

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:44 pm

Campaing's are important part of game, wich make game more challenging and raises u to top people on rankings.

Campaing are must-need feature in game. They allow u to farm gear parts, heroe's items, refine stone, enchant stone,
etc. And u are wealthy rewarded with diamonds for completed stages.

Contains normal & elite map.

Normal contains normally 9 stages and each bring up max 3 stars.

Elite contains 3 stages with 3 stars.

Clearing stages and collecting stars are important for "wings" and diamonds ad reward.

Gameplay is similiar to bliss one, best advice would be to come to end with full hp and as more heroes alive if its possible.

Even if game advices u skill wich is better, map or stage can contain mobs wich arent weak to selected skill. So using other one isnt a mistake.


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