Arena gameplay

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Arena gameplay

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:41 pm

As u alredy know arena contains fight  btw main char +3 heroes.

Ur main char is most important if u aim for winning, same as picking skills wich can effect alot on fights.

Earth , water, fire.

Earth is pve skill with some control skills. Its mostly used atm, with high dps and good skill picking its hard  for enemy to avoid you.

Water is total pvp skill, wich is most recommended to use, but its sideeffect low att , perfect for kitting enemy.

Fire is highest dmg pve skills with major skill wich stumble u, with short cd its best for fast killing. Side effect is weak control and it easy to kite(avoid)

Ur hero pick is also very important at this feature of game.
People mostly use heroes wich can stun enemy and bring wage and more hits on your side.

Be sure to check heroes skills and adjust them with runes.

Be sure skill wich u use are followed with element boost %
And elemental resist for your opponent skills.
Check more at "gems topic".


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