Adventure as important feature of game

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Adventure as important feature of game

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:23 pm

As u alredy know adventure is copy of campaing stages.
And it give's u option to progress and gain gold and items every hour.

There are few important part's of adventure:

Robbing people:

U can robb daily 5 people by ur picking.
Ofc u always target people wich poses items wich u need or people who have all 10 rewards since they contain also alot of gold wich u can robb

Stages; u need clear all 3 requires to pass the stage.
As more stages u complete more gold and item drop u get.
Ofc u cannot exceed ur current campaing stages.

Each hour u recive 1 item and each 10 min u revive gold corresponding to your current passed stages.

There are few confusing requires for clearing stages.
For example" kill 5 harpies with whirlwind"
Its always about ur skill , check at skills wich is required.
If u having problem killing 5 at once ho without heroes so u have clean kill.


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