Tower of smart gameplay

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Tower of smart gameplay

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:33 pm

As u know alredy bliss contains 150 floors atm.
As higher floor u are u recive more sky marks daily.
Wich is important to boost up your heroes.

Bliss requires sometimes brain, not just pure power.
U need to add on your gameplay "kite" (avoiding, running)
As u know for skills each has its own usage, and combination of right skill+kite can allow you to pass floor's wich are hard for your current lvl/power.

Couple ways of passing:

If u have all ur opponents as meele, wich means there are no range mobs, or range mobs wich dont hit u directly, are easiest to pass.

If u water user: burst dmg first 10-15 s and then start walking around in circles, ofc if u have high speed gem it will help u alot.
While u run around ur mana respawn. And with 2nd skill wich is most usefull u can freeze all and constantly repeating will lead u to clearence of floor. Of course u can combine with awaeking.

If u wind user do same just use 1st and third skill in combination .

As fire user best is third skill.

Most important is to try multiple times the floor u cant pass and try all possible solutions and skills.

Also advice for pve skill is last: dmg on boss 10% siphon on hits 2 %


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